Summer Series Part 3 – Bow Maintenance & Practice

In this final installment of our Summer Series, I want to stress the importance of bow maintenance and practice. Now is the time to take your bow to the local archery shop to ensure all is in working order, rather than missing crucial days this Fall because of malfunctioning equipment.

Finally, remember that shooting is always a good thing.  Weather you enter a 3D contest or sling 30-50 arrows a day in the backyard, you can never shoot too much.  Remember to ease yourself into it.  Shooting while fatigued may lead to improper form.  Practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect.  Work on form and consistency, then increase the number of rounds.  Try to mix it up; shoot in the heat, wind, drizzle, and even at long distances.  As hunters, we face adverse conditions daily so it’s critical to practice in them all.  If you can shoot 50 or 70 yds in the rain, a 20-40 yard broadside shot on a cool, calm morning will seem like a chip shot.  Take advantage of these offseason activities and increase your odds of harvesting that mature trophy buck this Fall or Winter.  God Bless and Good Hunting!


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